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Health care

A stay at Djambo will guarantee a care free vacation, without any children.

Because of the spacious set-up at Djambo (like swimming pool, sun beds, cabanas, garden, paths, parking lot), it is no problem at all to keep distance. 

Djambo is a gated property with entrance gate, which means that people who are not staying with us first have to contact us before they can enter Djambo.

All our apartments have their own fully equipped kitchen, so if you prefer to stay at home and want to cook something tasty, you’re able to do so in your own apartment. 

Before you check into your apartment, we have cleaned everything intensively.
Hand soap is available in the apartments. 

The apartment will be cleaned on a regular base during your stay.
For this cleaning  we use a cleaning detergent, which is also used in hospitals.
The cleaning staff will only enter your apartment when you are not in the apartment.
Our linen is washed at a high temperature with a disinfectant detergent.

There is an AED device (Automated External Defibrillator) on the Djambo site.

Thanks to the collaboration with the university hospitals in the Netherlands, the medical care on Bonaire is of a comparable level to that in a Dutch hospital.
There are several general medical practices, a hospital and a decompression room.

There is no need to get vaccins for Bonaire.




Djambo Bonaire
Kaya Finlandia 11
Caribisch Nederland (BES)

+599 780 9793